December 15, 2016

JILL STEIN AND VOTER FRAUD GO TOGETHER LIKE, WELL, JILL STEIN AND VOTER FRAUD: Green Party signature gatherer charged with submitting false information in Nevada. “A signature gatherer for the Green Party was indicted Thursday by a grand jury in Las Vegas on 15 felony counts for allegedly faking names on a petition seeking to qualify the minor party’s presidential candidate for the Nevada ballot. The indictment handed up by the Clark County grand jury charged Renaldo Johnson, 55, of six counts of misconduct in signing, filing or altering a petition; six counts of obtaining and using personal information of another; and three counts of perjury. It alleges Johnson falsified signatures to qualify the Nevada Green Party for general election ballot access in last month’s election, then submitted the false petitions to be filed with the secretary of state’s office, swearing under penalty of perjury the signatures were legitimate.”

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