November 25, 2016

ONE MONTH AGO TODAY IN THE WASHINGTON POST: There is no possible way Donald Trump’s team actually believes this is their path to 270. “I mean, look. Clinton has a 6.2-point lead in Pennsylvania. She’s up 6.5 points in Wisconsin. She’s up 10 in Michigan. She leads in Colorado by 8 and Virginia by 10. Those are margins that put those states easily out of reach. Put another way, polls do not show Trump close in Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and Colorado — they show Clinton leading by 6, 7 and 8 points, respectively. Using that map, Clinton has 323 electoral votes, and a victory. Move all of her light blue states into the ‘maybe’ column and she is at 273. She has won.”

Remember this when the same people sound equally certain of what’s going to happen now.

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