“OTHERING” TRUMP SUPPORTERS IN THE NEW YORK TIMES: “I’m stunned by the unfairness toward this real person.”


Whatever happened to diversity? Benzizoune had originally thought her roommate was like her, but then she was “this suddenly strange person.” Benzizoune’s college experience turned into something university’s normally encourage: confrontation and dealing with diversity.

Benzizoune’s response was to reject her roommate and to go out and find a more homogeneous group to hang around with. And then she outed the roommate to the whole world, exposing her to contempt and hostility in The New York Times.

After gaining access through the imposed intimacy of roommateship in a university that (I’m sure) promotes diversity, she betrayed this woman — who is perhaps 18 years old — and invited hatred. She did it deliberately, with fervor, and facilitated by the most powerful newspaper in America.

And it seemed justified. Why?

Why? Because:

Well, most of it has to do with Clinton’s persuasion experts and supporters framing Trump and his supporters as the next coming of Hitler. . . .

With this kind of messaging you should not be surprised to see crowds attacking Trump supporters. The attackers feel they have the moral authority to do so. Here’s a fresh example where a group of Clinton supporters repeatedly beat an older Trump supporter on camera. The scary part is that they appear to be proud of it, as though it is morally justified.

That kind of casually callous unfairness, of course, is why a lot of people voted for Trump in the first place.




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