OH, GOOD GRIEF: UM-Flint offers students ‘safe spaces’ and counseling in wake of Trump win.

Precious college snowflakes at the University of Michigan-Flint can get the help they need following Hillary Clinton’s stunning presidential loss.

Students will be able to visit “safe spaces” and receive “counseling” for all their election-woe needs, according to an email sent to the UM-Flint community obtained by the Washington Examiner.

“The sun came up today after a really tough election. It has been a long process with lots of very strong and divergent opinions, and it will take some time to understand all this means for our community,” the email, from Chancellor Susan Borrego, began. “Now it is time to listen, learn, and come together. The power of our democracy has been our ability to choose our leaders and then unite around common purpose.”

“UM-Flint has always been and remains a place that welcomes and provides opportunity for everyone regardless of status, identity, or background. We are committed to these values and to our mission to advance knowledge and provide an outstanding education that transforms the life path of our students,” it continued. “This will continue to be a place where each of you is valued and where you can thrive.”

Students had already planned a “vigil” for the campus Wednesday night, and the email added that there would be additional support for those traumatized by Donald Trump’s win. UM-Flint’s Ellen Bommarito LGBTQ Center, Women’s Educational Center and Intercultural Center will provide “safe spaces” for anyone suffering from election loss.

The email also noted that counseling is available. In addition, next Tuesday the “Diversity Council” will hold a “Post-Election Conversation.”

Maybe I should have tagged this “higher education bubble update.”