SALENA ZITO: Why America Can’t Make Up Its Mind.

She’s a home-care nurse. He’s a mechanic. They like small-town life. “Even though it’s sometimes boring, it was a great way to grow up,” Megan said, “and we want the same things for our sons.”

The couple voted for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012. “We really believed in his message . . . really believed he would be the change agent he promised,” said A.J.

Neither would vote for him again. “He really was very disappointing, especially on the health-care bill,” Megan said. “He promised we could keep our doctors, he promised our premiums would not skyrocket, he promised our health care would be better. None of that was true.”

Now, she’ll vote for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson.

A.J. will vote for Trump.

“I wonder if we’ll just continue to winnow away [until] there are only the very rich and the very poor,” said Megan.

It’s called being fundamentally transformed.