IT DOES SEEM THAT WAY: It’s Time to Rename NSA the National INsecurity Agency.

This debacle is another public black eye for the Agency when it really didn’t need one. In the aftermath of Snowden’s appearance in Moscow, NSA and the whole Intelligence Community swore to fix mistakes and finally get serious about security. The “insider threat” problem was going to be addressed, at last. “This time it’s different,” Agency higher-ups told Congress, asking for a chance to repair a broken counterintelligence system that keeps giving us traitors, defectors, and uncaught moles.

Except they didn’t mean it. Congress was skeptical of NSA promises, and the Martin disaster shows they were right to be. How anybody stole 500 million documents from the Agency across two decades without getting caught needs to be answered—in detail and, for once, with total honesty.

At this point, I expect neither.