UNDER CONSTRUCTION: InfoGalactic, an alternative to Wikipedia.

Well, my entry doesn’t have me in an “I had an abortion” t-shirt, the way Wikipedia’s once did. So they’ve got that going for them.

Meanwhile, here’s my current Wikipedia entry. Note the rather unfair treatment of my Charlotte rioters tweet, and that they’ve blocked edits until after the election.

What would I add if I were allowed to edit it? Maybe this from Knoxville News-Sentinel columnist George Korda: “Anyone who knows Glenn Reynolds, has spoken with him, read anything he’s written, or anything else about him, understands that he was calling for self-defense. There is no way under heaven’s sun he was advocating that anyone be targeted with a vehicle.” But that’s not allowed. Also, Wikipedia’s editors insist on calling the Charlotte Interstate rioters “protesters,” when what was going on was clearly rioting:

The city of Charlotte has released a number of 911 tapes, including calls made from gridlocked motorists on Charlotte streets who feared for their lives as protests over the death of Keith Scott moved to block highways going in and out of the city. Dozens of vehicles were stopped on I-85 and other major thoroughfares. According to some of the motorists trapped on the streets, protesters jumped on cars, mobbed trucks, and threw rocks.

“I’m trapped,” one motorist told the 911 dispatchers. “They’re all in the street … Oh my God, they’re coming!” Screams could be heard in the background, according to local media who reviewed the tapes.

One family who had their window smashed by a rock was instructed by a 911 dispatcher to get to safety before pulling over to inspect the damage. “I’m still stuck in this,” the driver told emergency services. “I would like to get out of it before I pull over.”

The dispatcher responded, “I don’t want you to stop there, period. Just follow traffic and get out of the area.” . . .

Another trucker admitted to being terrified. “I’m so scared,” he said. “They’re just taking stuff and running with it. They’ve got the doors of the trailer open.”

Truckers also reported that rioters had started fires on the highway. That made a getaway in the truck impossible, and leaving the truck on foot too dangerous.

According to police, the demonstrators held vehicles on I-85 at bay for nearly two hours, shutting down all lanes of traffic and horrifying trapped motorists. Reports indicate the police were able to finally clear the highway a little after 3am, and only by firing tear gas into the rampaging crowd.

But narrative, you know.