October 14, 2016

WELL, THIS IS THE 21ST CENTURY, YOU KNOW: Brain Implant Allows Man to Feel Touch on Robotic Hand.

Plus: This Robot Can Do More Push-Ups Because It Sweats. “The approach goes way beyond just running water channels through the frame and circulating water through them, since that wouldn’t have solved the problem of needing to place a radiator in there somewhere. The researchers instead decided to try a passive technique, allowing the water to seep out through the frame around the motors to cool them evaporatively. In other words, Kengoro sweats.”

There was something about this in the short-lived Yancy Butler Mann & Machine TV show, as I recall. It was a cop buddy show where one of the cop-buddies (Butler) was a hot robot, and she was able to sweat as a cooling mechanism, which I thought at the time was a novel approach. Ahead of its time!

UPDATE: Some of this is on YouTube.

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