2016, WHEN EVEN THE FOURTH-PARTY CANDIDATE IS AWFUL: Green Party candidate deletes old post supporting Assad’s regime.

The campaign for Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein removed a year-old statement from its website advocating that the U.S. work to restore control of Syria to President Bashar al-Assad, according to The Washington Post.

The statement, posted on the website in November 2015, called on President Obama not to intervene militarily in the Syrian civil war.

“Stein said the US should be working with Syria, Russia, and Iran to restore all of Syria to control by the government rather than Jihadi rebels,” the statement reads.

“Collaboration could lead to real success against [the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria]. And it would stop the flow of refugees that is reaching crisis proportions in Europe.”

The statement has been deleted in recent days and replaced with a new message apologizing for the error and pointing to a more recent statement on Syria.

To be fair, maybe Jill Stein had just been reading Vogue.