IT WOULD ONLY BE A CRISIS IF THINGS WERE THE OTHER WAY AROUND: Girls outperforming boys in high school.

Young women are taking more honors classes, getting better grades and have a higher overall GPA than their male peers, according to a report compiling SAT Test data.

The report, released by the College Board, looked at the test scores of college-bound seniors in 2016, and reviewed high school data demographics. Girls, it turns out, are doing much better in high school than boys. In a chart compiled by American Enterprise Scholar Mark Perry, it’s clear that girls are outperforming boys on nearly every level in high school.

A majority (56 percent) of those in the top 10 percent of their class were girls, and most As and A+s were obtained by girls. Just 40 percent of A+s went to boys. Further down the grading scale, boys earned the majority (63 percent) of grades D and below. The overall GPA in 2016 was 3.45 for girls and 3.30 for boys. Girls also took more AP and honors classes, even in math and science.

Don’t expect to hear calls for helping boys perform better in school. Activists have focused so heavily on girls for years now that boys have gotten the message that they no longer matter. It’s what Christina Hoff Sommers wrote about in her book “The War Against Boys” nearly two decades ago.

What Perry noted in the chart above isn’t new for this year, it’s been a trend since before Hoff Sommers’ book. Yet the focus is still on girls.

Funny, that.