LASHING OUT: White House lashes out at ’embarrassing’ Senate veto override. Well, having your veto overridden 97-1 is pretty embarrassing.

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Plus: James Taranto: Jasta la Vista, Baby. Obama’s veto gets overridden, and everyone looks foolish.

“Congress Disses Obama One Last Time” reads a Politico headline. “Diss” (or “dis”) is a slang term for “disrespect,” so the implication is that lawmakers have personally slighted the president, when in fact all they have done is exercise their authority under the Constitution.

And what they did is more aptly characterized as a first than a last. The House and Senate both easily mustered the two-thirds majorities required to approve the only veto override in Obama’s more than 7½ years in office. In this column’s view Obama is right on the substance—the new law is a bad one—but the story of how it came to pass is one in which everyone in Washington, including the president, looks terrible.

To be fair, they mostly are terrible.