ANN ALTHOUSE: “These pressure cooker bombs are terrorism, and it does not matter whether it’s home-grown terrorism or foreign terrorism. It’s terrorism, Mr. De Blasio.” That’s from the top-voted comment on the New York Times story about the Chelsea bombing. Althouse comments:

What “conclusions” did Trump rush to? There was a big explosion and he called it “a bomb.” He didn’t say it was “terrorism” or what terrorist group he thought it was. He only said “bomb,” and, we’re told, the authorities hadn’t yet “made any determinations” and things were “still in flux.” Was that a “conclusion”? He said “nobody knows exactly what’s going on,” so where’s the conclusion?

It seems as though the NYT and Hillary Clinton are just trying to find something to smack him around about. Who’s really stooping here — Trump or the NYT and Hillary Clinton? Trump’s remark didn’t attack Clinton. It just addressed the immediate event and may have said “bomb” before other things that could cause an explosion were ruled out. Hillary Clinton and the NYT were the ones who rushed to find something to use in a direct attack on their opponent.

Notice how closely Trump’s response relates to the way the NYT readers reacted, up-voting the comment I put in the post heading.

Well, he’s a New Yorker, too. Obama isn’t, and Hillary isn’t, though she pretended to be to take a Senate seat. But what does it say for Hillary’s situation, when the commenters at the New York Times are sounding more like Donald Trump than like Hillary?