OUCH: Speaker Paul Ryan says, “Yes” FBI Obstructed Justice Against Hillary Clinton.

HH: On Tuesday of this week, September 6th, the House Chairman of Oversight and Governmental Affairs, Jason Chaffetz, sent a letter to the CEO of Platte River Networks. And it referenced a March 25th, very mysterious meeting which Mr. Chaffetz says Secretary Clinton’s team, including attorneys David Kendall and Cheryl Mills, held a conference call with the Platte River Network engineer who maintained Secretary Clinton’s server. In subsequent interviews with the FBI, the PRN engineer refused to answer questions about that call, asserting either a 5th Amendment or Attorney-client privilege. The Chairman then writes, “This timeline of events raises questions as to whether the PRN engineer violated federal statutes that prohibit destruction of evidence, and obstruction of a Congressional investigation, among others, when the engineer erased Secretary Clinton’s email contrary to Congressional preservation orders and a subpoena. The sequence of events leading up to the destruction of Secretary Clinton’s emails, the conference call, the work ticket, the use of BleachBit, and PRN’s subsequent refusal to discuss a conference call with the FBI, raises questions about whether Secretary Clinton acting through her attorneys instructed PRN to destroy records relevant to the ongoing Congressional investigation.” Are you concerned, Speaker Ryan, that the House is being denied its Constitutional oversight by an FBI that is indifferent to what is obviously an obstruction of justice?

PR: Yes, and it’s not the first time we’ve experienced this. I was part of the IRS investigation in my last job here in Congress, and I would say it’s a very, very similar story. It’s a story of stonewalling.

See, you wouldn’t get this kind of behavior on behalf of a President Trump.