August 12, 2016

ASHE SCHOW: Rights group calls on presidential candidates to denounce ‘victim-centered investigations.’

An organization dedicated to overturning and preventing wrongful convictions is calling on presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to denounce “victim-centered investigations.”

The Center for Prosecutor Integrity works with prosecutors, defense attorneys, law enforcement and the falsely accused to prevent wrongful convictions and over-criminalization. The group says victim-centered investigations have led and will lead to more wrongful convictions and false accusations.

“Victim-centered investigations emphasize the collection of evidence supportive of the complainant and discourage the collection of exculpatory evidence, thereby increasing the likelihood of a guilty verdict,” the group wrote in a press release. “Victim-centered investigations represent a departure from ethical standards of investigative impartiality, neutrality and objectivity.”

Both the Democratic and Republican Party platforms discussed fairness in accusations of sexual assault, specifically on college campuses. But requiring victim-centered investigations removes fairness, as investigators — whether actual law enforcement or campus bureaucrats — are told to believe accusers and pressured by the federal government to punish the accused no matter what the evidence shows.

Yes, the only time due process matters is when a Clinton is accused of something. Then it’s sacrosanct.

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