August 2, 2016

MORE HUMILIATION FOR THE FBI: John Schindler on the FBI’s Chinese-Mole Problem.

It can’t be said that the FBI, which is already reeling from its dismal performance in the Hillary Clinton EmailGate scandal, looks good in any of this. Moles happen—they’re part of the SpyWar—but the rising pattern of betrayal by Chinese immigrants indicates that the Bureau got hit badly by a longtime employee who managed to act as Beijing’s mole for a half-decade. . . .

The FBI, like all of our intelligence agencies, employs numerous naturalized immigrants, some in very sensitive positions. In many cases, for instance language support, immigrants are invaluable to our intelligence efforts. However, immigrants also pose counterintelligence risks, particularly when they come from countries that actively seek to recruit their nationals abroad as spies. China is far from the only country to do this, but it heads that list, as the Chun case demonstrates yet again.

Political correctness is a factor too, and nobody wants to be accused of ethnic bias—or worse “racial profiling”—over molehunts. As with counterterrorism in the age of Obama, it’s worse for your counterespionage career to be accused of racism than to miss the mole right in your midst.


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