ASHE SCHOW: What’s Next For College Snowflakes?

This past school year, colleges and universities saw some of the most embarrassing displays of student and faculty behavior ever witnessed in modern history.

Bolstered by a grievance culture that promotes victimhood, campus protesters demanded “safe spaces” from ideas they disagreed with and “trigger warnings” on readings that might make them uncomfortable. They accused those whose comments might seem slightly insensitive of committing “microaggressions.”

They commanded their college administrations to change the names of buildings by judging past actions by today’s standards. They protested speakers who they found controversial and they labeled as “hate speech” anything they found objectionable.

It was a year of humiliation for institutions of higher education, which found administrators giving in to the absurd and petty demands of the students they were supposed to be preparing for life as adults. . . .

What’s next?

“I think it’s going to get much worse,” Dershowitz said of the campus protests, adding that campus administrators “don’t have the courage to stand up to spoiled student brats.”

Video of Ashe Schow at the link.