WHEN THE EDUCATION APPARAT IS JUST A POLITICAL ARM OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY, THIS IS WHAT YOU GET: Washington state schools seek to create safe spaces from Donald Trump.

Officials at Washington state’s K-12 schools received an email last month suggesting they create “safe places” for their students because of 2016 political rhetoric, specifically from presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump.

The email, sent June 16 from the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, opened with a mention of the “Trump Effect” and a link to the “phenomenon.”

“Regardless of one’s politics, the impact of this year’s political rhetoric on K12 schools is huge,” the email, which was provided to the Washington Examiner, said. “It has produced increasing levels of fear and anxiety among students of all ages.”

The email goes on to claim that “Fear levels are becoming especially high among ethnic, racial and linguistic minority and LGBTQ youth.”

The email insists that “Perception is reality.”

Regardless of one’s politics.
That’s rich.