UNLESS SOMEONE SHOOTS HIM, TRUMP WILL BE THE NOMINEE, SO YEAH: In House GOP, Ryan endorsement of Trump seen as inevitable.

For Paul Ryan, it’s not a matter of if he’ll endorse Donald Trump. It’s a matter of when.

GOP lawmakers, strategists and aides are convinced the House Speaker will endorse Trump before he’s officially nominated at the GOP convention in Cleveland in mid-July.

But they say it will be on his own timeline, and his own terms.

By holding out, Ryan is buying time for House Republicans to roll out their election-year agenda in hopes it will help shape the GOP presidential nominee’s own general-election platform.

He’s also signaling he will not bow to pressure from the candidate, his surrogates or the media.

GOP colleagues say the Speaker wants concessions from Trump. He wants the presumptive GOP nominee to tone down the rhetoric, moderate some controversial positions and commit himself to core conservative values.

A lot of people would like to see more of that last from Ryan himself.