ALL THE POLITICAL EXPERTS MISSED IT, BUT NOT THIS GUY: As Trump Coasts to the Nomination, Remember That the Cartoonist Behind Dilbert Saw It All Coming. Scott Adams also predicts Trump will beat Hillary Clinton in “a landslide.” “Why did Adams believe, against all conventional wisdom, that Trump would win? His prediction had little to do with the mood of the electorate, the weak and fractured Republican field, or the issue of immigration. Instead, argues Adams, Trump’s success in the election is due almost entirely to his skill as a ‘master persuader.’ On the other hand, Adams believes that Hillary Clinton and her team are remarkably unskilled in the art of persuasion and points out that their first anti-Trump ad simply highlights Trump’s anti-establishment qualities. . . . It’s a wild hypothesis that runs contrary to the conventional wisdom about how elections, and human beings, work. But then again, with Trump positioned as the Republican’s presumptive nominee while Hillary Clinton still struggles to lock up the Democratic nomination against a candidate almost nobody expected to compete, note how far conventional wisdom has gotten us this election season.”