THE HILL: How Trump Could Beat Clinton.

Many Democrats think Trump is dead on arrival, but others on the left, including CNN commentator Van Jones, believe it is quite possible that Trump could triumph over Clinton.

While it will be challenging for Trump to win 270 electoral votes — especially with the nation’s changing demographics — a contest against Clinton is winnable.

Here’s how it could happen.

Trump needs to shake up the electoral map by winning states that Republicans have lost for decades.

He intends to do this chiefly by winning Pennsylvania and Michigan, two states Trump won in the GOP primary season.

“We’ll win places that a lot of people say you’re not going to win, that as a Republican you can’t win,” Trump said at a rally in Illinois late last month. “Michigan is a great example; nobody else will go to Michigan. We’re going to be encamped in Michigan because I think I can win it.”

No Republican has won Michigan since 1988, and 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney lost the state and Oakland County, a GOP-friendly area where he grew up.

“We’re a pretty reliable blue state,” said Inside Michigan Politics editor and publisher Susan Demas. She said Trump’s primary victory in the state was impressive and that he could be a stronger GOP candidate in Michigan than Romney or 2008 GOP nominee John McCain.

Remember, celebrity candidates don’t poll like regular candidates.