THE WAPO’S GOT A FEVAH, AND NEEDS TO GODWINIZE DONALD TRUMP YET AGAIN: WashPost Analogizes Trump Deportation Plan to ‘Pol Pot Genocide.’

It’s a nice change of pace I guess from the earlier national socialist whom the Post was comparing Trump to.

Last month, the Post warned on Trump: Hitler was elected, too.

In February, as Tom Blumer wrote at NewsBusters, the paper ran a column written by Danielle Allen, “a political theorist at Harvard University and a contributing columnist for The Post,’ [who] wrote that with Trump’s progress towards achieving the U.S. presidency thus far has led her to understand ‘exactly how Hitler could have come to power in Germany.”

And yet, as Glenn wrote that month, “The Germans Have Spoken: 6 ways Donald Trump is nothing like Adolf Hitler. There’s also that whole having-a-Jewish-daughter thing.”

Once again, the Post won’t be deterred by those minor details. But as Kathy Shaidle quipped last month, “Hitler? Be more worried that Trump will turn out to be like that other Austrian…”