EPA POURS TOXIC WASTE INTO RIVER, REFUSES TO PROTECT LOCALS: Remember that yellow river EPA created in Colorado last year? Agency officials dumped an estimated 880,000 pounds of toxic metals waste from a mine into the Animas River, which supplies drinking and working water for millions of people in three states and the Navajo Nation.

Nearly eight months later, reports Ethan Barton of the Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group, EPA officials concede they essentially have no plan in place in the event storm water runoff swells the river. That’s likely to happen in Spring and Summer and when it does, the swirling water picks up the toxic waste and deposits it further downstream.

“The EPA is also using a recreational standard, which allows¬†40 times more lead in the¬†river, even though people in three states and the Navajo Nation depend upon it as a primary water source, New Mexico Environmental Secretary Ryan Flynn said in February,” Barton said. In other words, the same bureaucrats who can raise environmental standards to make work for themselves can also lower the standards to avoid work when it suits them.