FASTER, PLEASE: Stem cell therapy halves deaths from heart failure. “Now, in the largest trial ever conducted, doctors in the US have proven that even the most serious cases of heart failure can be repaired using stem cells harvested from a patient’s own bone marrow. End-stage patients, whose only hope was a heart transplant, were treated with stem cells in a single operation. Doctors found the group were 37 per cent less likely to have been admitted to hospital in the 12 months following the operation and half as likely to have died than those on placebo. The procedure takes just two hours and most patients were discharged a day after surgery.”

When I started InstaPundit, the talk was all about embryonic stem cells. But it appears that much of the real action is in adult stem cells. I remember in 2004 Michael J. Fox flushed half (or more) of his fan base with an ad calling Republicans unscientific haters over this very issue.