April 6, 2016

THIS SHOULD HAPPEN A LOT IN THE GENERAL ELECTION: Wyoming Coal Miners Who Lost Their Jobs Come Out to Protest Clinton Campaign.

Bill Clinton, who was campaigning for his wife, made a campaign stop in Wyoming on Tuesday and talked about a variety of topics, including Medicaid expansion and energy production in the West. Local news station CBS 5 reported that there were 500 people in attendance.

During his campaign speech, Clinton spoke about the importance of clean energy and the effort to move away from coal energy. Coal is a hot topic for the people of Wyoming, and Clinton was met with protesters, some of whom were coal miners who had lost their jobs.

“Hillary had in one of her speeches said specifically she intends to put coal mines and coal miners out of work,” Yvette Land said. “We have families. We have kids and grandkids that rely upon the coal industry.”

At a CNN town hall in March, Hillary Clinton said that if she were elected president, she would put coal mines and coal miners out of business.

She wants them dependent on the government, and voting Democrat for life. Also, coal mining is ickily masculine.

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