TO BE FAIR, IT DOESN’T WANT TO: Why The Activist Left Can’t Help Its Intolerance.

In ancient Rome, damnatio memoriae was the practice of condemning Roman elites and emperors after death. The phrase means, “the condemnation of memory,” and the idea was to dishonor people by erasing them from history, usually by seizing their property, removing their name from public monuments, and destroying or re-working their statues. As you might imagine, those subject to damnatio memoriae tended to be traitors or deposed emperors—like Maximian, who ruled Rome for a decade before he was forced to commit suicide by Constantine the Great in 310.

In other words, the practice of purging names and images was a political tactic of Imperial Rome to suppress dissent and intimidate enemies.

Now it’s back. Not in Russia or Iran, but here in America among left-wing activists.

He who controls the present controls the past, as someone or other said.