“HEY, BITCH, CHANGE YOUR VOTE:” Clinton Superdelegates “Feel The Bern.” “Other superdelegates told stories of harassment in Alaska, Utah, Colorado, Maine, Idaho and Arizona. As the Vermont senator has won a string of statewide victories lately, it has intensified Sanders supporters’ anger at his his 469-31 deficit among superdelegates (although Clinton leads him among pledged delegates awarded by the primaries and caucuses too). . . . Sanders supporters have also been blamed for some of the disruptions at Republican front-runner Donald Trump’s rallies. These aren’t the first complaints about harassment by enraged Sanders devotees. When MoveOn.org, a progressive organization that endorsed Sanders, mobilized thousands of supporters to protest outside a Trump rally in Chicago last month, the protests turned so violent that the police arrived on scene and the event was cancelled.”

Well, Sanders is a socialist. They tend toward violence.