ALCOHOLIC BEHAVIOR OR JUST FOLLOWING UNION LOGIC TO ITS PREDICTABLE END? Federal disability Judge Sridhar Boini admits he repeatedly showed up drunk for work at the Social Security Administration. So have some of his colleagues but they weren’t disciplined, he told the Merit Systems Protection Board.

Since management didn’t stop them, it must mean, according to federal employee union logic, that it’s ok to show up soused at the SSA, reports the Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group’s Luke Rosiak. And that in turn means Boini can’t be disciplined, he told MSPB.

But that’s not all. Boini also claims his drinking qualifies him for a disability pension! And despite MSPB’ rejection of hi appeal, the board note that Boini can still take his case to the federal courts. Rosiak is not making this up, I promise.