March 29, 2016

GOOD: College trustees group applauds criticism of Title IX enforcement.

An organization made up of college trustees and alumni has praised recent criticism of the Education Department’s overreach when enforcing anti-sex discrimination.

The American Council of Trustees and Alumni applauded a recent 56-page report from the American Association of University Professors that criticized the anti-sex discrimination statute known as Title IX. The statute has been used in recent years to force schools to abandon common sense and due process in the name of combatting campus sexual assault and sexual harassment.

“Sexual assault is a crime and must be treated as a crime. But we agree with AAUP that the Department of Education has unconscionably conflated ‘conduct and speech cases’ in a way that has grossly expanded the intrusion of this unaccountable bureaucracy at the expense of faculty and student constitutional rights,” ACTA wrote. “It’s time that institutions — and their boards — fought back.”

Yes, it is.

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