March 26, 2016

BUILD IT UP, TEAR IT DOWN: Backlash is mounting against Emory students who protested pro-Trump chalk messages. University’s president James Wagner is under fire for not dismissing them outright. That’s because they’re stupid and childish. He should be forced to watch the scene with Larry Summers and the Winklevoss twins in The Social Network.

Related: Is ‘Vote Trump’ chalk message a threat? A test for campus culture. No, it’s not. Next question? Or as Marc Randazza says, “This is political speech, the most precious speech we have: ‘Vote Trump.’ Yes, [Emory has] the right [to restrict speech since it’s a private university], but I also have the right to never read a résumé from Emory ever again, because their student body apparently needs a blankie.” What I find interesting is that despite all the diversity — at Emory, we’re told, only 4 in 10 students are white — the fear of “white supremacy” is paralyzing.

And I love the idea that chalked slogans are threatening because they’re “covert.”

UPDATE: Here’s the Larry Summers scene.

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