February 24, 2016

I WAS TALKING ABOUT THIS WITH ED DRISCOLL BACK AT BULLETS & BOURBON: “Twitter helped destroy the conservative ecosystem of small blogs by replacing it with something easier to use and more effective. But in the process, I can’t help but feel we have become prisoners of Twitter.”

Well, people can go back to the old system — as always, I’m happy to promote small blogs — or they can tell Twitter, “We’re not stuck here with you — you’re stuck here with US.”

I will say, though, that I think Twitter is overrated. It’s a good way to chatter with the chattering classes, but (1) it doesn’t drive traffic; (2) its impact outside the chattering classes is basically nil; and (3) it encourages people to think they’re being “activists” when they’re really just tweeting to a few hundred people.

If Twitter wants to stay viable, it has to get people to use it because using it is fun. And nothing says “fun” like “overseen for offensiveness by feminist killjoy Anita Sarkeesian.”

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