February 22, 2016

TAKE A RIDE ON VA’S BAD BOSSES MERRY-GO-ROUND. YOU ARE PAYING FOR IT: Something isn’t right when the Department of Veterans Affairs moves a $181,000-a-year senior executive to three different jobs in a few years.

But nearly 100 top VA execs were moved to at least three different jobs in separate states between 2008 and 2014, according to the Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group’s Luke Rosiak, who also created a cool interactive graphic to illustrate the process for each of them.

And the bad news is that VA is not unique. All federal departments and agencies do the same thing because civil service regulations make it so costly and time-consuming to fire members of the government’s Senior Executive Service. Those are the top career bosses and they are all but untouchable as a result.


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