February 7, 2016

FASTER, PLEASE: In New Anti-Aging Strategy, Clearing Out Old Cells Increases Lifespan Of Mice By 25 Percent. “The results, reported today in Nature, outline a possible new tactic for treating diseases including glaucoma, arthritis, and heart disease, and potentially extending human life, according to lead author Jan van Deursen, a molecular biologist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. . . . Nathaniel David, CEO of the startup, says the company has identified drugs able to kill senescent cells in lab animals and would try to develop drugs for age-related disease and eventually hopes to create treatments to postpone aging. This study isn’t the first to make mice live longer, although it does appear to be the first time the effect was achieved by targeting senescent cells.”

Quercetin can do that, though in much bigger doses than the one I take. Bill Quick experimented with that, but I can’t find any updates on how it went. Bill, if you read this, please post a report in the comments.

UPDATE: Bill responds in the comments.

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