February 1, 2016

NON-LETHAL FIREARMS: ‘I lit him up … I could smell something burning.’ “Those are the words of a woman who reports that she stun-gunned a man who was trying to rape her and who had stabbed her four times, puncturing her lung. The Detroit News (Oralandar Brand-Williams) adds that the alleged would-be rapist, Darian Winfield, is also accused of having earlier stabbed another woman and may have murdered a 17-year-old girl in a different assault. Fox 2 Detroit (Hannah Saunders) reports that Winfield wasn’t incapacitated by the stun gun, and punched the woman who stun-gunned him in the head, but nonetheless ran away. Michigan banned stun guns until 2012; the repeal followed a trial court decision holding the statute unconstitutional under the Second Amendment, and People v. Yanna (Mich. Ct. App. 2012), decided after the repeal, affirmed that trial court decision.”

It would be better if she’d shot him in the head with a real gun, but there are good reasons why nonlethal firearms should receive Second Amendment protection, too.

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