February 1, 2016

ASHE SCHOW: Rand Paul brilliantly addresses Hillary Clinton’s Bill Clinton problem:

At the GOP debate on Thursday, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul was asked if Bill Clinton’s past indiscretions were fair game against current Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

Paul said he didn’t blame Hillary for Bill’s behavior, saying that she wasn’t responsible for what Bill did while president. Paul did, however, suggest that what Bill did would ruin the career of any CEO in America.

“If what Bill Clinton did, any CEO in our country did with an intern… they would be fired,” Paul said, adding that not only would the CEO be fired, but he would not be able to find work again.

Hillary and her supporters claimed that Bill should not be a factor in deciding whether she should be president. The fact of the matter is that Hillary herself has made sexual assault an issue in her campaign, and it’s impossible to ignore that her husband has been accused of the crime.

To be fair though, it was Donald Trump who overnight turned Bill from an asset into a liability, by simply not being afraid to go on the attack. Other candidates are learning from this example, but they should have learned faster, or figured it out for themselves.

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