IT’S LIKE MARS ATTACKS. THEY WANT THEM TO DIE. What do activists want from students accused of sexual assault?

Schools should not be able claim they are merely adjudicating school policy when they are in fact adjudicating an actual criminal offense. And given that the campus process frequently punishes the accused despite reasonable doubt (many such cases are not prosecuted in criminal court for this reason), it is unreasonable to go beyond expulsion to imposing the death penalty on an accused student’s future educational prospects.

What do campus activists want? One accused student told Buzzfeed what many others have felt: That activists and administrators want them to die.

“At first I thought they didn’t want me to participate in campus activities. Then I thought they didn’t want me to graduate,” the student said. “Now they don’t want me to have a job or be part of society. Do they want me to commit suicide? Is that what they want me to do? What is the endgame?”

Remember, these “campus activists” aren’t nice people who are just a bit overzealous. They’re nasty, awful, horrible people. They don’t mean well. They’re full of hate, and they want people to die.