DAVID BROOKS, IDIOT. Because Cruz kept a repeat offender in prison, Brooks says he’s not a good Christian. “The sad truth is that pundits, the secular public, and all too many Christians confuse ‘nice’ with ‘Christian.’ . . . Anger, by itself, is not a sign of unrighteousness, and it is quite telling that Brooks’s big attack piece relies on an extraordinarily misleading characterization of a single Supreme Court case. If Cruz is so ‘pagan’ — so ‘Mephistophelian’ — then surely examples abound. If they do, then share them. If not, in attacking Cruz for his tone with language that exceeds anything that Cruz has said even about his worst political enemies, Brooks isn’t a defender of Christian charity — he’s a hypocrite.”

As Limbaugh says, they hate Trump, but they fear Cruz. This sort of behavior illustrates how much.