I THINK THAT’S HOW OBAMA’S BETTING: Don Surber: House of Saud About To Collapse. On the one hand, it deserves to. On the other hand, I doubt the replacement regime will be any better. And this is likely true: “President 45 is going to have to deal with this, and President 44 is going to leave him with a weakened military, adversaries who mock us, and allies who no longer trust us.”

Related thoughts from Richard Fernandez. “An administration which based its foreign policy strategy on simultaneouly befriending rivals Saudi Arabia and Iran finds that instead of dampening the competition the effect has been to heighten their conflict to a critical point. . . . ‘Nothing has gone right for Riyadh.’ To be fair, nothing has gone right for anybody at all — except ISIS — ever since the power vacuum created by Obama’s ‘leadership from behind’ imploded Syria and Iraq.”