EVERGREEN HEADLINES: Clinton Casts Wider Net For Cash.

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign is building the most expansive fundraising network in recent memory, taking its prospecting far beyond the usual Democratic strongholds on the East and West coasts.

Those familiar with Clinton’s fundraising operation say she’s tapping smaller cities to avoid running dry in California and New York, which have only so many Hollywood producers and trial lawyers.

One source familiar with her schedule noted that many of the places Clinton is mining for cash are in Super Tuesday states, allowing her to double up with campaign events and fundraisers.

“Killing two birds,” summarized one Clinton fundraiser. “It’s a smart strategy on a couple of levels. It helps fundraising and the organizational structure.”

The strategy avoids “wear and tear” in the bigger cities, the fundraiser added.

A Clinton working tirelessly to hit people up for cash? Stop the presses!