WHY ARE “PROGRESSIVE” INSTITUTIONS SUCH HOTBEDS OF SEXUAL PREDATION? Progressive PR Firm Closes Down Over Sexual Harassment And Assault Allegations; The group represented some of the biggest progressive organizations.

FitzGibbon Media, a prominent progressive public relations firm, abruptly shut down on Thursday amid allegations of sexual harassment and assault by the company’s president.

Trevor FitzGibbon and his team worked with some of the biggest progressive organizations, including NARAL, MoveOn, the Center for American Progress and the AFL-CIO, as well as Wikileaks, Chelsea Manning and The Intercept. The company sponsored an event with The Huffington Post earlier this year.

Multiple female employees came forward with accusations of sexual harassment and assault against FitzGibbon, according to employees who spoke with The Huffington Post.

Maybe the reason so many lefties think that “rape culture” is a thing is because, in their world, it actually is. . . .

I wonder if anyone will call these organizations and ask them if they knew there was a problem with their PR agency before today.