JOHN C. WRIGHT: Asleep forever.

One might ask: how many people will the Muslims have to shoot before the Left realizes that the Muslim doctrines telling them God wants them to shoot people is the source of the problem, and not the lack of a government-enforced static global climate system? How long until they wake up? . . .

How long until the Left wake up? The answer is: NEVER.

The Left will never wake up to reality for precisely the reason that Leftism is a mental system of excuses and psychological tricks and traps meant to allow the Leftist to escape from reality.

That is what all their rigmarole, jabberwocky, lies and evasions, all their complex obfuscations, and penning endless tomes of endless nonsense from Marx to Keynes to Al Gore, all their riots, marches, protests, sit-ins, think-tanks, media moguls, money laundering, awards shows, convulsions, antics, stunts, clamor, libel, slander, and cacophony is for: Reality avoidance.

That is all that it is for.

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