ANALYSIS: TRUE. The Attorney General of the United States Is Disgracing Herself. Also disgraced: The GOP members who voted for her confirmation.

In her response to what appears to be a deadly, ISIS-motivated domestic terror attack, Attorney General Loretta Lynch has offered an almost Onion-level self-parody of liberal pieties. Per Obama administration protocol, the attorney general was determined to never let a crisis go to waste. There is now a “wonderful opportunity and wonderful moment to really make significant change,” Lynch declared the day after 14 innocent Americans were murdered and 23 injured at the hands of a Muslim couple who’d reportedly pledged allegiance to ISIS. And what is this change? New gun-control measures, of course, including stripping the constitutional rights (without due process) of Americans often arbitrarily placed on the vastly over-inclusive terror watch list.

This is all just “stray voltage” meant to distract from Obama’s failure to protect America.

UPDATE: Somebody here at Bullets & Bourbon credited me with the “stray voltage” term, but that’s actually not a term that originated with me.