October 31, 2015

ROLL CALL: Democrats Would Stop a Rider-Riddled Omnibus.

Democrats on both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue are prepared to unite again and protect the Obama administration’s agenda in the December spending debate.

That was the message from Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid as the bipartisan budget deal heads to the White House. The Nevada Democrat told CQ Roll Call he has some advice for House Appropriations Chairman Harold Rogers, R-Ky., and other appropriators about how to draft an omnibus.

“The president, Pelosi, Reid, my entire caucus has agreed to hold hands. We are not going to approve anything that has all these ideological, short-sighted, crazy ideas; to do away with women’s health, to do away with clean air, to attack Dodd-Frank and all these,” Reid said. “We’re not going to do that. We’re going to stick to that.”

Reid’s comments came in a wide-ranging interview Wednesday in his Capitol office.

Don’t do an omnibus. Fund departments individually. Put the riders on funding for Obama constituencies: Let him veto and shut down the Department of Education if he wants. Who cares?

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