October 30, 2015

MICHAEL WALSH: The Media’s Potemkin Village Starts to Topple. But whining about liberal bias means nothing if you don’t back it up with some action of your own. “Wednesday night’s CNBC Republican debate turned out to be a tussle between the three left-leaning ‘moderators’ and the candidates on the main stage, most of whom can safely be described as center-right. And finally — thanks largely to the huge ratings bonanza that is Donald Trump — the American people got a chance to see the true, ugly, partisan, smug, self-righteous face of what we used to call journalism, but now is simply political advocacy employing computers and television cameras under the shield of the First Amendment. . . . What the candidates did the other night to the MSM should not be underestimated. At last, it was not just a lone Newt Gingrich bashing the ideological inanity of his interlocutors, but a number of them, including Cruz and Rubio. By presenting a relatively united front against the clear animosity emanating from the three CNBC hosts, the candidates were able to keep the focus off the stupid questions (‘are you a comic book version of a campaign?’) and onto the biases of the moderators themselves.”

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