October 28, 2015

REMINDING GLORIA STEINEM what really led to feminism’s bad reputation. Feminists:

“Too many folks see ‘feminist’ as implying not just equality, but other ideas — that the sexes are the same, or should be; that women who stay home to raise the kids are making a bad choice,” the editorial board wrote. “Feminism got tied to one side in the abortion wars and countless other issues. It’s hard now to see it as more than another arm of the ‘progressive’ agenda.”

The editorial board added that those who brandish the “feminist” label appear to respect the choices of some women — especially women who espouse liberal beliefs — more than others. . . .

The bottom line is that most Americans believe in equal rights, but the discussion has moved away from equal rights to equal outcomes. Men and women currently have equal rights, but not equal outcomes. The outrage brigade can’t point to a single actual right that men have (in America, at least) that women don’t.

Well, men have the right to register for the draft. So there’s that, anyway.

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