October 24, 2015


In a blistering speech at European People’s Party conference in Madrid, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban drew applause at the expense of Angela Merkel as he called for a new approach to the migrant crisis in Europe—one not buttressed by unrealistic idealism and politically correct bromides.

“We are in deep trouble”, Orban intoned. “This is an uncontrolled and unregulated process. We did not get authorisation from [our citizens] for millions to walk into our continent.” He accused left-leaning parties of “importing future leftist voters to Europe” while trying to “hide it behind humanism.” “The German, Hungarian or Austrian way of life is not a basic right of all people on earth,” he continued. “It is only a right for those people who have contributed to it.”

Orban is a genuinely unsavory character, who has taken advantage of the migrant crisis to give his government quasi-fascist police powers in Hungary. But he is also speaking eminently good sense when he points out that immigration and refugee rights cannot be as unlimited as the EU has promised by law. Orban’s good sense on that point has been making a lot of the bien pensants in the corridors of Brussels and Berlin uncomfortable—as well it should. What does it say about your policies when it takes a figure like Orban to finally acknowledge that the Emperor is naked?

It says that PC virtue-signaling has replaced rational thought.

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