October 15, 2015

ASHE SCHOW: The Campus Sexual Assault Movement Is Racist: All about giving wealthy white people their own justice system that poor minorities aren’t privy to.

One major and negative narrative about the justice system is that wealthy and well-connected people get to live by different rules than the rest of us. One can find examples both reinforcing and undermining this, but the prevailing narrative remains.

If one wanted to find a blatant example of wealthy, privileged people getting their own justice system they can bend to their will, look no further than the anti-campus sexual assault movement. Born of false statistics and exaggerated (or wholly made up) victimhood, the movement has created (and seeks to maintain) a separate court system for those who can afford college.

What we’re left with is a movement that seeks “easy justice for me, but not for thee.” It’s a slap in the face to the millions of Americans who are at a higher risk for sexual assault and who cannot afford college, many of them poor, minority women.

This elitist view was confirmed by Connecticut State Sen. Mae Flexer, D-Killingly, who plans to re-introduce an extreme campus sexual assault bill (which had previously failed) in the legislature. Flexer defended the separate justice system against accusations that laws were being created that treated college students differently than the general population.

“Flexer countered that colleges and universities are privileged environments that demand a higher set of standards,” the Connecticut Mirror reported. “She said state law is integral to protecting students on campus, and encourages colleges and universities to create better policy.”

Privileged people getting privileged justice — how progressive.

That’s how progressivism works.

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