We recently shared news with our readers about one of the most extraordinary reports to come out of the UN in years: a document that compared “cyber violence” to physical violence, and advised national governments to censor the internet on the basis of the whining of privileged western feminists.

Closer examination of the report found the quality of its citations to be extraordinarily poor. No I mean like seriously, it was laugh out loud hilarious. Links to broken web pages, blank documents, and even a footnote linking to an author’s local hard drive. (I am not making this up.) Other sources included articles that accused major video game publishers of promoting “satanism.”

Is this the sort of ruthlessly factual approach to important global controversies that led the UN to put Saudi Arabia in charge of a human rights panel? Enquiring minds want to know, especially since the two feminists presenting this report, ferocious critics of gaming culture Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn, both have – how should I put it? – a complicated relationship with fact and context.

Read the whole thing.