ASHE SCHOW: Gender matters more for perpetrators than victims in child sex abuse. Women, unsurprisingly, get a pass.

Had the former cheerleader or the trailer park abuser been men, the outcomes most likely would have been different. That’s because the justice system treats men and women differently when they abuse children. There are many reasons for this, including stereotypes about child sexual abuse and the unique conditions that may preclude young men and boys from coming forward to identify a female abuser. Such stereotypes exist mainly when it comes to teenagers and superiors, where a man who has sex with a female student is seen as a predator but a woman who has sex with a male student must have received consent. After all, young men want sex all the time, with anyone. Right?

A lack of research on female sex abusers also contributes to this problem.

In the meantime, women who abuse children receive slaps on the wrist, while men who abuse children receive appropriately severe punishments.

Ultimately, the children whose abusers remain free to assault them and others pay an undue price for such judicial discrimination.

It shouldn’t matter what the gender of an abuser is. What should matter is the crime that has been committed.

Well, for now what matters is supporting the “War on Women” narrative that Hillary’s depending on. If it winds up Biden vs. Fiorina, you can expect the narrative to change.