NEWS FROM KANSAS: Milton Wolf, Jerry Moran Face Off Ahead Of Possible Primary Challenge.

As conservative Kansas doctor Milton Wolf considers a Republican primary challenge to Sen. Jerry Moran, he confronted the incumbent Monday over Wolf’s beef with the state’s Republican Party from his last campaign.

Last week, Wolf was cleared by the Kansas Board of Healing Arts from a charge he had divulged privileged patient information on Facebook. That charge was first raised during his 2014 primary challenge to Sen. Pat Roberts, which Wolf believes was furthered by the party’s leadership and Moran.

As Moran was kicking off one of his statewide town hall tours with a Monday stop in Wamego, Wolf was sitting in the front row.

“I’m glad you’re exonerated,” Moran told Wolf after he stood and asked a series of questions in which he alleged the senator was involved in advancing the board’s investigation.

Ahead of the confrontation, Wolf released a lengthy post on his political website in which he laid out his case that Moran had been involved in pushing the board to investigate him. Contrary to Wolf’s assertions, Moran told Wolf he had no previous knowledge of the investigation.

When asked by reporters in Wamego, Wolf again sidestepped the question about whether he would enter the race against Moran.​

When politicians aren’t accountable, it helps to make them personally uncomfortable.