July 31, 2015

MILO YIANNOPOULOS: Donald Trump Would Be The Real First Black President.

We’re constantly told that there’s more to blackness than just being born African. Liberal theory has held for decades that race is a “social construct” with no “biological basis.” Hogwash, obviously, but apologists for “trans-black” wacko Rachel Dolezal are always reminding us that black identity is complex and about more than just skin colour.

You know what guys? I finally agree. And the proof is Donald Trump, who is, culturally speaking, a terrific fit for black America. Black writer Sonnie Johnson has noted as much in these pages. Blacks seem to identify with Trump’s swagger: they put him in enough rap songs, after all. He’s got hip-hop cred and defiant charisma the dreary Obama could never hope to match.

And black families would be far better off if his immigration policies were put in place. It seems to me that if the black community is as dissatisfied with Barack Obama as it claims, voters could do a lot worse than vote for Trump.

There is a minority war brewing between blacks and Latinos in America, fuelled by the policies and attitudes of a white Left that has forgotten about the civil rights struggle, and Trump is one of the very few, on either side of the political divide, who appears to at least understand the black side of the argument.

Someone should ask Trump what he thinks of this.

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